At the Village Board meeting on October 24, 2023, the Village of Forest View Board created a Centennial Planning Committee. This Centennial Planning Committee has been tasked with planning the Village of Forest View’s 100th Anniversary Celebration.

The Village of Forest View was incorporated on December 12, 1924. Therefore, we are entering into our 100th year as an incorporated municipality. Find out more about the Village’s history in a brief history of Forest View.

This is an extremely historic and momentous occasion, and as such, we have already started to think about what we can do with celebrations throughout all of 2024 honoring the Village's 100th birthday. With that in mind, we are interested in your ideas, and what you would like to see as far as celebrations, events, initiatives, and ideas to commemorate the occasion. Take a moment to submit any ideas to the committee.

Click here for a list of upcoming events