The Village of Forest view natural gas service is provided by NICOR Gas.  You can contact them at 888-NICOR4U (888-642-6748) or you can visit their website.

The Village of Forest View is served by ComEd, an Exelon Company, for our electrical service.  You can contact them at (800) Edison1 (800-334-7661) or you can visit their website.

Leaves cannot be burned in the Village.

Complimentary leaf bags are available for pick up at the Village Hall. Bags are available year round, and can also be used for general yard waste. They must be put out on your yard waste pick up day. Yard waste / leaves / brush will be picked up on the first Wednesday in April through the last Wednesday in November.


Parking restrictions will be in place if there are 2 or more inches of snow. Follow the parking signs that are posted on every block that reflects the restrictions. Parking tickets will be issued for any violations.  Also, the Village is NOT responsible for rollover snow on driveways or sidewalks from snowplowing. Do not put snow back on the street. Sidewalk cleaning is done after the duration of a snow fall, it will only go out if the snow fall is 2” or greater.

The Village of Forest View Public Works has a great cleaning program that runs all year. The villages street sweeper runs up to twice a week depending on the amount of debris and leaves on the streets.

 A tree on private property needing to be trimmed is the responsibility of the property owner. Tree trimming and removal of trees on public grounds including parkways, is done by the Village at no cost to the resident. Public Works will handle tree trimming requests on a case by case basis. In the event that a parkway tree is need of service, the village will call upon our licensed and insured arborist to complete the work. If your request is not a safety concern, the request will most likely wait until the appropriate time of year. This will depend on weather and budget. Our tree trimming schedule is on a 3-5-year basis.

In 2024, the Village of Forest View implemented a new ordinance in regards to the maintenance and rules regarding parkway trees and unhealthy / diseased privately-owned trees. This ordinance was made to protect residents from the hazards of unkept trees if they posed a physical danger to another homeowner’s household. Additionally, it was important for the village to implement this policy as a way to become a member of Tree City USA. Attached to this page is the link to the new ordinance.

The Village of Forest View received a grant from the Open land’s conservation group. In 2023, Forest View was able to plant nearly 50 trees at no cost to the residents. Looking into 2024, the Village of Forest View is hoping to pursue this grant again in order to help our tree population flourish.