7000 West 46th Street
Forest View, IL 60402

Photo of Laura McGuffey
Village Clerk
Laura McGuffey
Village Clerk

Art Treckler Room Rental

We offer the Art Treckler Room for rent to our Forest View residents.  It is located on the second floor in the Village Hall, has a full kitchen and will hold 185 people.  It is a great room for Birthday Parties, Showers and Family events.

Rent Art Treckler Room Application

Garage Sale Permits

While there is no cost for a garage sale permit, one is required to hold a garage sale. Sales are limited to 2 per year. There is a village wide garage sale held every year in the summer, which does not count toward the limit of 2.

Garage Sale Application

Solicitors and Door-to-Door Canvassing

Solicitors must obtain a proper permit. Each person shall pay a $500.00 fee for this permit and each solicitor will have to fill out an application and go through a background check.

Our local ordinance contains the following: “No person shall engage in solicitation upon any premises or in any dwelling house, apartment or other residence located within the Village when such premises are posted with a sign stating, “No Peddlers Allowed” or “No Solicitations Allowed”, or other words to such effect. Residents may obtain such signs from the Village Hall at no cost. This sign shall be posted on or near the main entrance of the residence.

All solicitors are required to register with the Village Clerk and Police Department prior to solicitation and to be issued a solicitor's badge attached to a lanyard which should be worn around the neck with the badge hanging in front and outside of clothing.

Free notary public services are available for residents.