The purpose of the Code Enforcement is to help the residents with neighborhood complaints. Forest View's Building Department is responsible for enforcement of local ordinances. The most common local ordinance violations are:

  • Garbage
  • Weeds
  • Trees
  • Vehicles parked on soft surfaces
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • No permits
  • Creating nuisances
  • People not cleaning up after their dogs

Overflowing garbage and weeds are two major areas of complaints received. Inspections are done throughout the year.

The Blight Department is responsible for all structural complaints. An example would be windows in need of repair or painting. To make a blight complaint complete the form below and email to or drop it the blight box located in the Village Hall corridor.

PDF Icon Blight Complaint Form

Online Blight Complaint Form

Stickney Township also offers code enforcement services to Forest View residents. The Stickney Health Department handles all restaurant, swimming pool, heating and rodent complaints. The Animal Warden handles all dog call and bites. You can visit their website at , or call 708-424-9200 for assistance.