7000 West 46th Street
Forest View, IL 60402

Administration Office
Mike Dropka
Village Adminnistrator
Photo of Lucy Vogt
Administration Office
Lucy Vogt
Office Manager
Photo of Joy M. Conklin
Administration Office
Joy M. Conklin
Village Accountant


Phone: 708-788-3429
Fax: 708-788-8266

Photo of Laura McGuffey
Administration Office
Laura McGuffey
Village Clerk

Office Hours: 9am to 5pm

Garage Sale Permit

Dog Tags

Your pet must have a current rabies vaccine number and expiration date in order to obtain a dog license. Registration for an annual permit is available at the Village Hall. 
Fees:  Resident - $1.00 per dog
Late fees if purchased after June 30th are an additional $50.00 per pet.

Animal Shelter

Our Police Department has a scanner for dogs that have been chipped.  Please make sure you register the number along with all of your contact information.

Waggin Tails Animal Shelter is located at 1800 S. Laramie in Cicero, 708-652-0825. This shelter has the ability to house our recovered stray animals until relocated with their owners or being adopted. This is a “No Harm” shelter that provides great care to lost animals.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers go on sale June 1st through June 30th and cover the period from July 1st through June 30th.

Application Fees:
Senior Citizens (65 and over) - $2.00
Veterans - $2.00 (if you qualify for the senior price and only have 1 vehicle, no charge)
Passenger Car - $10
Trucks – fee will vary depending on weight

Veteran status can now be put on your driver’s license thru the Secretary of State.

Vehicle stickers must be displayed by July 1st to avoid late fees.